Meet the winners!

The HoT Tech Awards 2024 recognize the best products in technology, as well as the stories and people that make those products successful.

A great product isn’t enough, and it needs great people to help turn those products into market-leading products that make an impact.

HoT 24 in 2024

the best products in technology need a great story, and then creators and writers to help tell that story to a wider audience.

The HoT 24 in 2024 recognizes the 24 best Executives, PR / Marketers, Creators and Writers who make these products successful.

Best of CES 2024

CES 2024 saw the return of innovation in many categories, from AI and automotive, to mobile, computing and a plethora of TVs.

The HoT Tech Awards Best of CES 2024 recognizes the products featuring the best technology, as well as the products that have the potential for the most impact.

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